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COPIA Health provides trainings and programs that promote integrative, mindful, and sustainable practices for human flourishing, social vitality, and environmental renewal.

Upcoming Events…

Art of Anger: Feb 7th & 8th (Phoenix, AZ) + Feb 21st (Berkeley, CA)
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Whole-Hearted Health: Jan 24th (Berkeley, CA)
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Human Flourishing

Human Flourishing is the state of optimal well-being and expression of human potential that arises from consistent practices in integrative health and mindfulness and cultivates enduring happiness, contentment, and ease; regardless of the physical state of the body.

Social Vitality

Social vitality is based in mindful communication, multiple perspectives, equality in the distribution of resources, and healthy collective lifestyle practices. Meaningful and authentic relationships and communication help to create systems, structures, networks, and communities that are connected and purposeful.

Environmental Renewal

The health and sustainability of our environment is radically influenced by healthy communities and healthy individuals. Learning from the wisdom of nature and raising awareness through investigating the life cycle (origin, production, processing, packaging and distribution, preparation, and disposal) of  foods and products promote conscious consumption and connection to the land.

“Health and wellness coaching is so balancing and, in a word, sacred to me. My coach’s groundedness, coupled with warm energy, gives the practice such depth. She listens to where I am today, and we then create a strategy for moving towards the person and life I want. We have established and strengthened a meditative practice, worked with breathing, intimacy, and daily and monthly routines concerning sleep, exercise, nutrition, work, play — every facet of my life has benefited.”
Jessica Auld, Nurse
“I have seen Megan Lipsett for Wellness Coaching and participated professionally with her through a wellness collective since 2010.  Professionally, Megan is a visionary leader, is detail oriented, educated and wise beyond her years.  Her coaching and work in the community are awe inspiring, but more than anything I’ve been impressed with her heart.  Megan is loving, empathic, curious and so passionate about her profession and her healing arts.”
Brendan Neff-Hall, MFT Trainee

  • Integrative.

Our programs represent practices that generate purposeful collaboration between groups of inspired individuals.  We promote practices that take multiple perspectives into account, consider the greater good.  We utilize the wisdom and experience of traditional practices as well as innovative advances in modern human thinking.

  • Mindful.

We believe that raising awareness and developing the skills to think deeply and effectively comes through the practice of mindfulness.  Simple practices to cultivate awareness have the potential to impact the larger social systems impacting the world today.

  • Sustainable.

Human communities have the ability to impact the state of our ecosystem and environment more than ever before.  We believe that the health and vitality of people is interdependent with the health and vitality of the planet.  Our programs maintain the value of sustainability at every level.

Life ResourcesA 9-week training for impassioned citizens and community leaders to learn integrative, mindful, and sustainable practices for human flourishing, social vitality, and environmental renewal.

* Uncover your fullest potential

* Learn skills in Integrative Health, Sustainability and Mindfulness.

* Learn how your yoga and meditation practice can change the world.

* Balance your physical, ecological, modified, social, mental, emotional, and spiritual life resources.

* Embody Sustainable Health for optimal and sustained well-being.

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Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 9.24.36 AMIntegrative wellness coaching sessions use deep listening and insight coaching to discuss health and wellness goals in: nutrition, self-responsibility and love, breathing, moving, thinking, self-inquiry, expression, intimacy, finding meaning, and aligning with purpose. You will create structures for working on your wellness goals, co-design activities to achieve vibrant wellness, and bring awareness to areas of your life that may not be serving your full potential.

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Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 6.12.24 PMHealth and Wellness programs promote a supportive and educational experiences for individuals seeking an effective, meaningful, and healthy life experience. The programs are tailored to the needs of the population.  Most programs teach proper eating, movement, communication, and stress management.  The experience creates empowered relationships that ignite belonging, connection, meaning and purpose – all factors recognized in research as essential to effective self-care. Formats can be workshops, consultations, wellness programs, community health education, and group facilitation, all of which offer a comprehensive, integrative, and sustainable understanding of the full scope of health and healing, including both biological, individual, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of healing.

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